About Us

Direct Supply Network (DSN) and its affiliates is a license only discount travel provider that have been in business since 1985. We have performed on hundreds of thousands of vacation and travel requests giving unprecedented value to our license holders. One of the hallmarks of our concept is to present our licensees with services at prices that essentially remove at least one of the links in the chain of travel markup. You will earn vacation currency based upon most travel bookings. Vacation currency can be redeemed on additional licensee benefits and travel. We do all the work for you and YOU reap the benefits!

DSN has experienced management, strong resources and a name unequaled for quality and innovation. From sourcing to fulfillment, rate negotiations and service, DSN is raising the bar for industry standards every day. We are an organization of talented, seasoned professionals representing many years of combined travel experience with a philosophy that says each licensee deserves a quality vacation experience. DSN has mature resources to ensure excellence every step of the way. Our fulfillment is performed by certified industry specialists.

We stand alone in our dedication to license service and value. We maintain the philosophy that our licensees are our greatest and most valuable assets. For our licensees worldwide we are committed to living up to our reputation as being the very best.